Raw Food Vegan Diet!

Raw veganism is a diet that combines the concepts of veganism and raw foodism. It excludes all food and products of animal origin, as well as food cooked at a temperature above 48 °C (118 °F)

Health and diet is one of the serious issue now a days, also they are correlated to each other. There are various diet factors accountable for fitness and health for example, diet plan/chart, nutrition factor of diet, constituent ingredients etc.  Let’s discuss the great significance of vegan diet and its philosophy.

The term veganism was coined by BRITISH VEGAN SOCIETY in year 1944, Nov 1st. veganism is mainly concerned with the elimination of use of animal’s products i.e.  Any product which is obtained from the animals such as fat, meat, milk, blood etc.  We can also simply classify this into FOOD and NON-FOODSTUFF.  Blood, bone, honey, whey, lard are comes under food stuff while the animal fiber, fur, gallstones, wool, silk, musk etc comes under non foodstuffs.  

Another quite popular food consumption in humans now a days are raw foods. Raw foodism is mainly concerned with the diet that are having uncooked, unprocessed food. Such food stuffs are not allowed to heat above the temperature of 40 degree C i.e.  104 degree F. The reason behind this is a fact that clearly indicated that these food stuffs have balanced amount of micronutrients which plays a vital role in our body to perform various metabolism. Cooking of foods and heating above the limited temperature generally harm the micro nutritional balance and sometimes several dangerous chemicals are produced which can cause some serious health concerned issue.


Well, as the title suggests, we can easily conclude that raw-veganism is nothing but constituents up of both the concepts i.e. concept of consumption of raw foodism and elimination of animal products i.e. veganism. Mainly all the raw vegetable, fruits, nuts, grains and legume sprouts, seeds etc comes under this category.  Peoples concerned with various forms of diet including sproutarian, fruitarian, juicearian mainly support this particular raw veganism.  We simply conclude that raw vegan is diet from which constitute up of vegan diet having 74-81% of raw food stuff.

When we inspect the general need from diet then we will find that in western zone approx 2k calories of energy are required by the healthy individual daily from their diet.  Mainly the food that meets the raw vegan diet nutrition data is usually low in calories with respect to other food stuffs. 

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